Quem somos Company Profile

Master Diagnóstica has been performing in the field of Human Health Diagnosis, universities and industries since 1995, providing well-qualified products throughout Brazil.

The commercialized lines comprehend from reactives and accessories, as well as the most sophisticated laboratory, hospital and industry-applicated equipment, maximizing and optimizing routines and processes.
We?re based on advanced logistic support and a customized, modern Customer Assistance Center, keeping updated to our customers? real needs, adding to it efficience, dynamism and reliability. 

The Post-Purchase Quality Management Service, The Authorized Dealing Service and the Scientific Consultory Service rely on the best trained and qualified staff, which is are always acknowledged with all the major top-of-the-line technological and scientifical breakthroughs, in order to best solve matters and have our products reach an optimized performance level, therefore avoiding unnecessary waste and minimizing costs.
Being so, Master Diagnóstica is committed to always offering products and services, which will be able to grant and enhance even more reliable, precise results to your company and to the improvement of people?s life quality. 

OUR MISSION Providing solution on diagnosis to health trough continual searching of excellence on products and services with sustainability and social commitment.
OUR VISION Being reference on diagnosis solution to health.
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